ProFM Credential Program: Self-study program or instructor-led course.


    Assess your current FM knowledge and identify gaps with an online pre-test.


    Enhance your FM knowledge by reviewing the online or printed reading materials.


    Check your knowledge and apply the concepts you’ve learned with online quizzes and flashcards.

  • EARN

    Earn the ProFM credential by passing the online final assessment with a score of 70% or higher.

The ProFM Credential Program includes everything you need to build your FM knowledge and skills, prove your competency, and earn the ProFM credential. You can complete the training and earn the ProFM credential in 55* hours!

*Individual study times vary based on reading speed, experience, education and other factors.

ProFM Renewal:

After earning the ProFM credential, you will begin a three year renewal cycle. Every three years, you will be expected to earn 48 renewal credits in order to ensure that your knowledge and skills are kept current with industry changes such as technology, standards, and trends. Get complete renewal details now.