Eligibility Requirements

ProFM is Designed to Benefit FM Professionals of All Backgrounds and Experience Levels.

  • There are no mandatory prerequisites
  • It is beneficial for candidates to have some FM background including one or more of the following:

1. Basic knowledge of facilities management

2. Work experience in FM-related functional areas such as:

  • Asset management (project management, strategic and capital planning, construction)
  • Risk management (compliance and standards, environmental health and safety, security, emergency management)
  • Business management (human capital, leadership skills, financial management, contract management, procurement, real estate)
  • Operations and maintenance (technical and occupant services, work management, utility management, space management)

3. Related FM credential

Relevant at All Stages of Your FM Career

Early Career

Build new FM skills and prepare for all the FM challenges ahead of you. Gain recognition with employers, clients, and co-workers.

“Facility managers have to be competent and professional in what they do. To be competent, you need to understand your job. ProFM training gives you an overall perspective of the micro and macro dynamics of what we do as FMs. From business management to asset management, it helps you understand the impact of your daily activities and how you can do your job differently to make an impact.”
Vasco Fernandes, ProFM, PhD
Retail Facility Manager


Identify and fill knowledge and skill gaps, build competency to implement business improvements, and show a commitment to leadership.

“To name a few, I developed a greater understanding of KPI metrics for benchmarking and tracking; maintenance criticality; and equipment life assessment, which has enabled me to develop a PM/Predictive program for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. My management style has changed from task oriented to one that is process/goal oriented, enabling me to perform and evaluate with measurable and attainable results. I’m in a better position to advance in my career, should the opportunity arise.”
Joe Toro
Joe Toro, ProFM
Las Vegas Convention Center
and Visitors Authority

Senior Career

Update and validate knowledge, build competency to plan and implement business improvements, and identify knowledge and skill gaps in staff.

“Facilities is a holistic profession, where an over-arching view of needs and responsibilities needs to be considered at all times. In that respect, learning varied ways of looking at challenges and solutions provides more opportunity to effectively serve stakeholders in an organization. ProFM offered a broad education on facility management ranging through 19 different categories, but united by 5 consistent themes throughout that tied everything together. The program took a different approach to Facility Management that expanded my thought processes in dealing with short term and long-term issues.”
Bill Conley, ProFM, CFM, SFP, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow
Yamaha Motor Corporation