Our Story

It takes a community to enact real change. ProFM is the result of independent FM organizations and individuals coming together to elevate the facility management profession and advance the careers of facility professionals. Together, we envision, create, and deliver ProFM, the global standard for facility professionals.

Building the Future of FM, One Step at a Time.

  • April 2017: The Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) is formed

    ProFMI is a partnership between National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT), a Milwaukee, WI provider of live and online facilities management education and Holmes Corporation, an instructional design, marketing and distribution firm delivering premium-quality learning systems to professionals around the world.

  • July 2017: The ProFMI Commission is formed and meets to discuss the future of facility management

    The ProFMI Commission is a group of independent voluntary leaders representing the diversity of the FM profession, including some of the most respected FM thought leaders in the world. The ProFMI Commission is charged with defining the required knowledge and competencies of all facility managers and validating these findings with ongoing market research. They also oversee the creation and delivery of superior education and the evaluation of professionals against the defined standards.

  • September 2017: The ProFMI Commission and NFMT conduct the first ProFM Body of Knowledge research study

    The ProFMI Commission and NFMT conducted an extensive global research study to define the knowledge and skills required of facility professionals today. More than 3,300 professionals from 93 countries contributed to the study. From this study, the ProFM Body of Knowledge, the foundation of the ProFM credential, was created.

  • October 2017: The ProFM credential is announced

    On October 23, 2017 the ProFM credential was introduced to the world. A copy of the press release is available for download in News and Events.

  • February 2018: The ProFM Credential Program is available to the public

    Facility professionals wishing to earn the ProFM credential can purchase the ProFM Credential Program. This one program includes everything ProFM candidates need to build their FM knowledge and skills, prove their competency, and earn the ProFM credential.

Working Together to Achieve Amazing Things.

Individuals and organizations from around the globe have been instrumental in the development of ProFM and the delivery of premium quality training to FM professionals. We are united by our common goals of elevating the facility management profession and advancing the careers of its professionals around the world.


The Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) is committed to elevating the facility management industry and serving its professionals around the world. Formed in April 2017, ProFMI is a partnership between National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) and Holmes Corporation. ProFMI is guided by a voluntary group of industry thought leaders, the ProFMI Commission.


The ProFMI commission is comprised of 11 voluntary leaders, speaking for the market and representing the diversity of the FM profession. The ProFMI Commission works to define the required knowledge and competencies of all facility professionals, to validate these findings with ongoing market research, to create and deliver superior education, and to evaluate professionals against these standards with the ProFM credential.


More than 3,300 facility professionals from over 93 countries shared their experience and opinions on the knowledge, skills, and competencies expected of today’s facility professionals. This research helped define and solidify the ProFM Body of Knowledge. ProFMI will continue to gather input and feedback from FM professionals to ensure the ProFM credential remains current and relevant. ProFM is truly a community effort and we invite you to share your voice. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. #TransformFM


FM leaders, who represent employers of FM professionals around the globe and who are committed to elevating and uniting the profession, have been involved throughout the development of ProFM. As members of the ProFMI Commission, contributors to ongoing research, and members of the ProFMI corporate advisory board, these leaders see the need for an independent global standard and broad FM training to fill their team’s knowledge and skill gaps.


FM-focused educational, training and member organizations see a need and opportunity to unite around common standards to better serve all facility professionals around the world. These organizations are sharing their expertise and resources to create the standard and educate professionals.

To find out how to become a Strategic Partner, contact Randy Olson (randyo@profmi.org, +1.651.905.2678) or David Brady (david.brady@profmi.org, +1.832.594.5291).


Facility professionals around the globe have access to in-person or online ProFM courses offered by approved Education Partners. These partners provide a community of support for local facility professionals.

Interested in becoming a partner and offering ProFM Credential Program courses? Contact Bobby Quickstad at bobbyq@profmi.org.


ProFM instructors are experienced facility professionals and educators who are committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and careers of working facility professionals. They teach the ProFM Body of Knowledge, while providing unique industry and geographic perspectives through in-person, online, and corporate training courses.