Credential Registry, Badging & Renewal

The ProFM credential is designed to ensure that FM professionals possess the most current and relevant knowledge and skills.

This required knowledge will evolve over time as technology, standards, and trends impact our industry, therefore ProFM credential holders are required to maintain their ProFM credential by earning renewal credits.

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Register It


Be sure to opt-in to the searchable online credential registry after you earn your ProFM credential so we can share your achievement and employers can validate your credential.​

Badge It


You’ve worked hard, so promote your ProFM achievement by downloading your digital badge and using it in your online communications, from email signatures to social media profiles. ​

Renew It


After earning your ProFM credential, you begin a three-year renewal cycle. To ensure your knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date, you will need to earn 45 renewal credits over three years.