3 Easy Steps to Earning Your ProFM

Knowing the path forward empowers you to take the first step in your ProFM journey.

Take a few minutes to explore this section and get to know the route you’ll take to ultimately reach your FM training goal.

Let’s Get to Know the Path Forward

Step 1: Enroll in the ProFM Credential Program

Choose your learning option and buy the ProFM Credential Program to kick off your studies.

Your Pre-Journey Checklist

Have you:
Checked if you’re eligible? (Hint, if you work in FM, you are!)
Tried ProFM’s free self-assessment tool to map your FM knowledge gaps?
Reviewed the learning options?
Downloaded resources to convince your boss to help fund your studies?

Step 2: Enhance Your Knowledge

In this step you’ll begin to fill in your unique FM knowledge and skill gaps. Quizzes and other program tools help you gauge and track your progress.

Your Pre-Journey Checklist

Have you:
Learned about what’s included in the ProFM Credential Program?
Seen the demo of the ProFM learning materials and tools?
Viewed a sample of the reading materials?
Tested your knowledge with 10 free practice questions?

Step 3: Earn Your ProFM Credential

Lastly, put your new knowledge and skills to the test with the built-in two-part assessment and earn your ProFM credential.

Your Pre-Journey Checklist

Have you:
Learned more about the ProFM final assessments?
Found out how to renew your ProFM credential?
Explored the ProFM digital badging?
Seen a full list of current ProFMs?