ProFM Benefits for Facility Managers and Employers


Elevate Your Knowledge and Gain Recognition

  • Advancement: Get the job or promotion you’ve wanted by broadening and updating your knowledge and skills to match what employers want.
  • Recognition: Prove to employers and clients that you’ve attained the ProFM standard.
  • Confidence: Get FM and business knowledge to prepare for daily work challenges and leadership.
  • Career Growth: Regardless of your level of experience, ProFM can provide significant benefits:
    • Early Career: Build new FM skills and gain recognition with employers, clients, and co-workers.
    • Mid-Career: Identify and fill knowledge and skill gaps, build competency to implement business improvements, and show a commitment to leadership.
    • Senior Career: Update and validate knowledge, build competency to plan and implement business improvements, and identify knowledge and skill gaps in staff.


Ensure Your Staff Have the Right Knowledge and Skills

  • Hiring: Validate knowledge and skills held by job candidates.
  • Evaluation: Identify knowledge and skill gaps in your individual employees and entire FM team.
  • Training: Deliver quality, turn-key FM training to fill retirement gaps and prepare staff for advancement.
  • Flexibility: Offer training to local and geographically-dispersed teams through self-study or instructor-led courses.
  • Communication: Build a common language and knowledge foundation across functional areas to enhance communication and cooperation.
  • Return on Investment: Monitor individual and group progress throughout the course with online reporting to ensure completion.
  • Value: Implement organization-wide training that meets global standards with no development costs and affordable volume-based pricing.

ProFM is the New Global Standard for Today’s Facility Professionals

The ProFM credential is the most significant advancement in years to support the FM profession and the success of its professionals. ProFM stands apart from other programs for a number of reasons:

  • Relevant & Current: The ProFM Body of Knowledge, developed in 2017 and revalidated in 2021, is the most current and relevant standard for facility professionals. It goes beyond the traditional definition of FM to reflect all knowledge and skills required of today’s facility professionals.
  • Comprehensive: The ProFM credential is based on the ProFM Body of Knowledge which includes 19 functional knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies that have never before been combined together into one complete program.
  • Applicable: ProFM focuses not only on enhancing your knowledge, but also building practical skills to impact your job immediately.
  • Global: ProFM’s Body of Knowledge reflects the globalization of the FM industry from the incorporation of global FM ISO 41000 standards, the perspective of international ProFMI Commission members, and input from facility professionals in 93 countries.
  • Independent: ProFM was developed by facility professionals, for facility professionals. Respected FM thought leaders, employers, and working professionals came together with the common goal of elevating and uniting the FM profession.

What is ProFM?