Formed in April of 2017, ProFMI is a partnership between National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT), Milwaukee, WI, provider of live and online facilities management education and Holmes Corporation, an instructional design, marketing and distribution firm delivering premium-quality learning systems to professionals around the world. Led by a commission of voluntary leaders speaking for the market and representing the diversity of the FM profession, ProFMI is committed to elevating the facility management industry and serving its professionals around the world. It assembles the top thought leaders in the industry to define the required knowledge and competencies of all facility managers, validate these findings with ongoing market research, create and deliver superior education, and evaluate professionals against these standards.

The ROI of FM Training: 6 Critical Impacts of Training & Upskilling

Employers across the globe are facing similar challenges as it relates to their FM workforce. How can you recruit new team members and what if they’re new to FM? What are the best strategies for retaining current team members? How can you elevate your FM teams with enhanced FM knowledge and skills? See current research and real-world examples to illustrate the ROI of FM Training.