As a facility manager, you’ve been fighting through daily pivots and roadblocks for the past year. It’s time to focus on your 2021 priorities. Whether it’s facilities re-opening, maximizing profitability, or making your next career move, ProFM can ensure you’re ready to proceed with confidence.

No Matter What Your Priority is for 2021, ProFM Can Help!

Pandemic Panic Continues

Every day brings a new challenge. Check out these resources to prepare for the next curveball thrown your way.

Webinar Series: Pandemic Planning, Response & Recovery

Recorded Webinar: Preparing FMs for Executive Level Conversations

ProFM Body of Knowledge

Get tips and advice from Stephen Brown on how your FM teams can maintain business continuity throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic.

You have been critical to maintaining operations and re-opening facilities throughout the pandemic. Increasingly, facility managers are being asked to contribute to the organization’s strategic discussions. Learn how you can prepare for these important conversations.

Having a broad knowledge and understanding of all the topics you might face on any given day is the best way to be prepared. You can’t always be the expert, but having a baseline of knowledge allows you to find solutions.

My Career Needs Attention

This past year, careers took a back seat to pandemic response and re-opening. With FM having achieved an elevated status in organizations, 2021 will be the year to build knowledge and skills and focus on career advancement.

Article: 5 Key Priorities Not to Overlook in 2021

Free Assessment: Map Your Knowledge Gaps

Convince Your Boss Toolkit

If you want to get ahead, you first need to understand the priorities of employers and what skills they’ll need from their FM leaders in 2021.

Before you seek training, you need to identify what you know and what you don’t know. Map Your Gap is a free self-assessment that will provide you with a baseline for advancement.

Most employers are looking for ways to help their staff develop their skills and knowledge, but getting the conversation started can be awkward. In this toolkit, you’ll find helpful tools to make your case for pursuing the ProFM credential.

It's All About the Bottom Line

Team leaders can’t take their eye off delivering profitability and value to the organization. More than ever, it’s critical for FM teams to increase efficiency, deliver innovative solutions, and help meet strategic business goals.

Article: 5 Reasons to Invest In Training in a Downturn

Give Your Team the Knowledge & Skills They Need

Team Assessment: Map Your Gaps

Many organizations today are facing a training dilemma: cut the training budget to make a quick impact on the bottom line or double down on training to improve your organization’s position now and in the future. Here are 5 great reasons to invest.

Your team members come from diverse work backgrounds. Building a common language and knowledge foundation across your team improves productivity and communication.

Benchmark your team’s knowledge and skills and identify training priorities to align with your organization’s goals with Map Your Gap: Teams Edition.