10 Reasons Why ProFM is a Smart Goal for Your Career

Whether you're new to facility management or have decades of experience, ProFM delivers the most up-to-date, career-applicable knowledge and skills you need.

Review the top 10 benefits of pursing and earning your ProFM credential!


ProFM benefits you AND your organization.

A small investment in training will help you excel in your current role and prepare for the next phase in your career. Your updated knowledge and skills will help drive efficiencies in your facilities that impact the strategic success of your organization and its bottom line. See more benefits.


It delivers training defined and demanded by FMs and employers worldwide.

The knowledge areas and competencies covered by the ProFM Credential Program were defined and confirmed by more than 3,300 professionals representing more than 1,800 employers across 93 countries.


It delivers the most current FM training.

Released in March 2018, the ProFM Credential Program covers the most timely topics, technology and best practices, including the new ISO 41000 standards. Take a look at the full ProFM Body of Knowledge.


It expands your knowledge.

Chances are, your career so far hasn’t exposed you to all 24 things every facility professional should know. ProFM fills in any gaps you may have and prepares you for current and future challenges. See how your knowledge compares with our free Map Your Gap self-assessment.


It validates your broad knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge.

Employers want you to have the right knowledge AND have the ability to apply that knowledge. The ProFM final assessment is designed to validate both.


ProFM can help you make an immediate impact on your facilities.

ProFM provides practical knowledge and best practices. Learn today, implement changes today.


The training is flexible.

Have a busy or unpredictable schedule? The ProFM online study tools can be accessed where and when you have a few minutes of downtime – on your commute, at lunch, in the evening, or on the weekend.


You can’t fail!

The ProFM Credential Program is meant to deliver practical knowledge and skills, not to stress you out. To earn the credential, you take the two-part online final assessment on your own device. If you’re not successful, you can repeat at no additional cost.


It’s all-inclusive, with no hidden costs.

Your training, assessment, and application fees are all included in the ProFM Credential Program. Order now!


ProFM is absolutely attainable.

Everything you need to earn your ProFM credential is included in the ProFM Credential Program. You’ll be taken through the training in bite-sized pieces. If you study for an average of one hour per day, you’ll be done in a couple months!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ProFM

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