Earn the ProFM Credential Where and When it’s Convenient for You.

The Self-Study program allows you to prepare and earn the ProFM® credential anytime, anywhere with online reading materials, interactive online study tools, and the online ProFM final assessment. You have the freedom to structure your credential goals around your busy or unpredictable schedule.

The Self-Study Program May be Your Perfect Fit if You:

  • Have a very busy and/or unpredictable schedule and can’t commit to attending classes.
  • Prefer to prepare on your own, at your own pace.
  • Have the commitment and drive to stay on track with your studies.

What's Included in the Self-Study Program?

  • Includes: Online reading materials (printed versions also available), online study tools and online final assessment
  • Online Access Period: 12 Months
  • Cost: US$1695 (plus applicable taxes). Printed reading materials may be added for US$50 (plus shipping & applicable taxes)


  • Reading materials, accessible online by embedded e-reader and also provided as printed books, include 5 modules:
    Module 1: Competencies for Facility Professionals
    Module 2: Asset Management
    Module 3: Risk Management
    Module 4: Business Management
    Module 5: Operations & Maintenance
  • Printed books are also available for an additional US$50 (plus shipping and taxes)
  • Mobile-optimized online study tools, available for 12 months, will help you develop a personalized study plan, apply and test your comprehension of the ProFM Body of Knowledge topics. These online tools include:
  • Pre-test

    Evaluate your initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness.

  • SmartStudy

    Build a customized study plan using your pre-test results to target your most challenging topics and optimize your preparation time.

  • Section quizzes

    After reading each section, test your comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts.

  • Flashcards

    Review key facility management terms and definitions.

  • Progress Report

    Track your activities and scores.

  • Resource Center

    Access additional FM resources, feedback links and more.

  • Online Access Period

    12 months from date of purchase.


  • Part 1: Knowledge Exam – Designed to measure your breadth of knowledge in the FM profession, based on the 19 functional knowledge areas and five (5) cross-functional competencies of the ProFM Body of Knowledge.
  • 75 Multiple Choice Questions

  • 90 minute time limit

  • Part 2: Application Exam – Designed to test your ability to apply your skills to real-world scenarios that you may encounter in your work. Questions focus on reviewing and critically analyzing different situations to best apply the ProFM knowledge and competencies.
  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions

  • 90 minute time limit

  • Complete on your own device, at a convenient time and place
  • Assessment may be repeated at no additional fee until you pass with a score of 70% or higher (within your 12 month access period)
  • Submit your final results online to receive your official certificate