Increase your FM team's confidence,
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In the midst of an ever-evolving FM industry, FM leaders are now facing a “people crisis.” Between organizations losing expertise due to retirement and the “Great Resignation,” and stretching to retain team members all with unique backgrounds and skill sets, it’s a full-time job ensuring your team has the broad FM knowledge they need to manage facilities with confidence and build credibility with customers and stakeholders.

So where do you start?

Take the first step with FM training.
Organizations that offer training will be the most attractive for hiring and retention.
Plus, there’s no better way to narrow the knowledge and skills gap quickly than education.

So, what skills do FM teams need?

Facility managers today can’t possibly be experts on everything, but they do need a broad, big picture view of FM in order to optimize buildings and systems to better serve the people within them.

The ProFM Body of Knowledge defines the 19 functional FM knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies required of today’s facility professionals. This body of knowledge is the result of an extensive research study led by ProFMI and the ProFMI Commission with input from more than 3,300 professionals spanning 93 countries.

What’s in it for your organization?


Identify and fill your team’s knowledge gaps to ensure you have the skills your organization needs to move forward.


Give your team the complete, big picture view of FM so they understand the impact each decision can have on operations, people, and the organization.


Show leadership and clients that your team’s FM knowledge and skills meet the global ProFM standard and are aligned with the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) and ISO 41000 standards.


Increase your team’s on-the-job confidence, leading to better performance and outcomes, even as FM expands beyond traditional roles.

Facility Management Certificate - Map Your Facility Management Gaps

Where are my team's gaps?

Discover how you and your team’s FM knowledge compares to the ProFM standard. Try our Map Your Gap team assessment and receive a FREE REPORT showing your team’s areas of strength and your opportunities to grow.

Interested in conducting an individual Map Your Gap assessment for yourself? Click here to get a custom Map Your Gap self-assessment.

How can you fill in your team’s FM gaps?

The ProFM Credential Program includes everything you need to build your FM knowledge and skills, prove your competency, and earn the ProFM qualification. The all-in-one program teaches and tests the entire ProFM Body of Knowledge. ​

Get more details.​


Reading Materials


Study Tools


Final Assessment

Choose your ideal delivery option and save $370+ on orders of two or more.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Ask these FMs.


Kurt Gnessin, RFMP, CRFP

VP Facility Services
Extra Space Storage

What’s the ROI?

The value of ProFM will be produced 10-, 20-, 30-fold down the road. To me, the return on people is the better way to define it. I now have people who are very confident in their roles and have the confidence to grow in the organization. That confidence creates credibility and trust.


Keith Tate, ProFM, AIA, CEFP, CPM, LEED GA

Facilities Management Director
Polk County BoCC

How will it impact my team?

I’m a firm believer in a systems approach. ProFM takes a holistic approach with standardized definitions to get people of diverse backgrounds speaking the same language and working as a team. Everyone understands how one plan or action impacts operations down the line.

George F Smith-crop

George F. Smith, III, MS, CFM, ProFM, FMP, LEED GA

Senior Facility Manager
Cushman & Wakefield

What topics does ProFM cover?

Because the ProFM program is all encompassing and comprehensive, the knowledge that I have gained will make my day-to-day responsibilities much easier to fulfill. Whether dealing with emergency maintenance issues or motivating team members, earning this qualification has made it easier to deal with almost any facility related issues I face.

We'd like to help.

We understand you want to be confident your team is prepared to handle any FM challenges and opportunities. Provide your information below, and we’ll provide the best option(s) for your team.

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Corporate/Group Training Overview

No matter the size or location of your FM team, the ProFM Credential Program offers ONE convenient source for delivering the critical FM knowledge and skills to your team and proving their competency.

Includes: Customized group training for teams of 2+ based on the Self-Study Program or Instructor-Led Courses, available at volume discount pricing.

Online Access Period: 12 months

Cost: Significant savings of $370 or more start with groups of 2+. Pricing based on group size and delivery option. Contact us for government and non-profit pricing.

ProFM Credential Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are employers embracing the ProFM credential? How can employers benefit from ProFM?

A: Yes, ProFM was developed to meet the needs of FM professionals and employers. A number of well-known and well-respected FM employers from around the world contributed to the development of ProFM. In fact, our ProFM research study gathered input from professionals representing over 1,800 unique employers.

There are a number of reasons why employers have already committed their support to ProFM:

  • ProFM sets a global standard for the profession: By creating a globally accepted standard for today’s evolved profession, employers can confidently evaluate their staff against these standards and provide training to fill knowledge and skill gaps with ProFM.
  • ProFM offers employers a way to evaluate and train staff: ProFM offers broad FM training and business strategies while providing an independent verification of the knowledge and skills required of today’s facility professionals.
  • ProFM builds a broad spectrum of FM and business skills to fill retirement gaps: With the most senior facility professionals preparing to retire, there is a critical need for new and mid-career professionals to expand their skill set and prepare for leadership.
  • ProFM offers an independent market view of FM: ProFM was developed by facility professionals, for facility professionals. Respected FM thought leaders, employers, and working professionals came together to identify the knowledge and skills required of today’s facility professionals. We are committed to the advancement of the FM profession and its professionals.
  • ProFM will continue to represent evolving corporate needs: ProFM is developing a corporate advisory board to ensure the qualification and training remain relevant and current to industry needs.

Q: Are there discounts for team orders?

A: Significant savings of $370 or more start with groups of 2+. Pricing based on group size and delivery option. Contact Vicky Vander Woude at +1.651.905.2645 or [email protected] for government and non-profit pricing. 

Q: How does this compare to IFMA Credentials?

A: ProFM has a number of significant differences from IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential.

  • The FMP teaches four of IFMA’s eleven FM topic areas. ProFM teaches all 24 knowledge areas and cross-functional competencies required of FM professionals included in the ProFM Body of Knowledge.
  • ProFM is designed to fill the knowledge gaps of FM professionals at all career stages, providing exposure to the full spectrum of FM topics and business strategies that you may not have been exposed to through your work experience.
  • The ProFM Body of Knowledge was created in 2017 and reflects the most current requirements of FM professionals. The ProFM will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it covers emerging trends and best practices.
  • ProFM has a 3-year term of validity. The  credential maintenance requirements  are designed to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date through practical and convenient professional development activities.

Additionally, ProFMI knows and respects the value of the CFM certification, which is why the ProFM is not positioned to compete with it. Rather, it has been established to elevate the FM industry as a whole. Furthermore, the ProFM and CFM credentials are different in very significant ways:

  • The ProFM credential is a knowledge-based designation, focused on building knowledge and skills. IFMA’s CFM is an experience-based certification, designed to validate knowledge and experience by passing the proctored CFM exam.
  • ProFM is created as a universal qualification, not only in its global reach and content, but also in its applicability to FMs at any point in their career.
  • The ProFM Body of Knowledge, created in 2017 with input from over 3,300 professionals in 93 countries, covers 19 FM knowledge areas and 5 cross-functional competencies. The CFM exam is based on IFMA’s 11 core competencies. Several instructors use the ProFM Credential Program to prepare CFM candidates for the CFM exam.

The FM industry includes many practitioners who are unaffiliated with a specific association, but still want to enhance their capabilities. We’re confident that the ProFM designation is that tool, allowing facility professionals to advance their careers and the important industry they serve.

Q: I’m a supplier, why would I need this?

A: ProFM training and the qualification can help provide immediate impact for anyone who works within or in conjunction with the facility management industry. Stefanie Driscoll, VP of Client Relations at Ferrandino & Son Inc. said her team found the most value in expanding their understanding of FM knowledge and skills to better understand what their FM customers need and how to better meet those needs. You can hear more about how suppliers can benefit from FM training in this recent episode of the FM Evolution Podcast featuring Ferrandino & Son Inc.

Q: How can I sell this to my C-Suite?

A: ProFMI has created a Convince Your Boss Toolkit to help you illustrate and highlight the benefits of ProFM education and credentialing for your organization. You can download and customize the toolkit here. 

Q: I’m not good with self-study, do you have other ways I can take the course?

A: Absolutely! ProFM training is offered in a few different ways, other than self-study: 

  • Coached Self-StudyEnjoy Self-Study flexibility while providing the structured support and accountability of seven 1-hour online sessions led by a ProFM-qualified expert instructor.
  • Instructor-Led: Take advantage of structured, in-depth courses offered by  Global Education Partners while networking with other FMs.
  • Onsite Group Team Training: We can help you create a customized training program. Contact Vicky Vander Woude at +1.651.905.2645 or [email protected]

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: We have teamed up with PayPal Credit to allow qualified individuals to pay for the ProFM Credential Program over 6 months, interest free. At this time, PayPal Credit is only available to U.S. residents.

Visit for complete details and steps to order.

Q: Do you have to renew the qualification? If yes, how?

A: To ensure that your knowledge is kept relevant and up-to-date, you will be required to renew your ProFM credential every three years.

  • You must earn a minimum of 45 contact hours of continuing education related to the FM
    profession or “renewal credits” for each renewal cycle.
  • Renewal credits will be awarded for FM professional development related to the individual,
    the organization, and/or the profession.
  • A small renewal fee of US$99 will be applicable every 3 years.
  • A predetermined percentage of credential holders will be audited annually.

Visit for complete details.

Q: How long will it take to earn the ProFM credential?

A: The length of time it takes to earn the credential will depend on your chosen study method, your level of experience, how quickly you read, and other factors. However, we estimate that most candidates can complete the online training and assessments within 55-60 total hours.