No Matter What Your Priority is for 2022, ProFM Can Help!

With nearly two years of pandemic related challenges behind you, it’s time to look ahead to 2022. What are your priorities? Whether it’s filling positions and skill gaps on your team, preparing yourself for future challenges and opportunities, or helping your organization maximize profitability, ProFM can ensure you’re ready to proceed with confidence.

Filling Open FM Positions

The “great resignation,” retirement, and pandemic budget cuts have left FM teams searching for talented staff. If you can’t hire FMs with the skills you need, training can help you turn your trusted, high potential staff into qualified candidates and future leaders. Check out these resources to learn how other organizations are dealing with team skill gaps.

FM Evolution Podcast: Filling the FM Skills Gap

Research: Addressing the FM Skills Gap

ProFM Body of Knowledge

Hear how Bill Conley, National Manager of Facilities Services at Yamaha Motor Corporation, uses team training to fill knowledge gaps and inspire his team to acheive more.

More employers are formalizing their FM knowledge and skill requirements in order to identify gaps. Gaining the full set of FM skills can take an entire career if left to on-the-job learning. See what training employers and staff identify as priorities.

Having a broad knowledge and understanding of all the topics you might face on any given day is the best way to be prepared. You can’t always be the expert, but having a comprehensive baseline of knowledge allows you to find solutions.

Preparing for FM Challenges

You’ve been focused on the health and safety of building occupants, customers, and clients for nearly two years. It’s time to focus on you. What knowledge and skills do you need to build your confidence and prepare for future FM challenges and opportunities?

McMorrow Reports Article: 6 Key FM Priorities for 2022

Research: The Importance of FM Credentials

Free Assessment: Map Your Knowledge Gaps

In 2022, FMs are facing ongoing pandemic fallout, competition, supply chain issues, growing labor shortages, and cyber and ransom attacks. However, imbedded in these challenges are opportunities for FMs to positively impact their organizations in 2022 and beyond.

FM credentials and qualifications influence career advancement. They are such an important differentiator that staff are willing to fund their goal if employers won’t. See recent research results showing how employers and staff value training and credentials.

Before you seek training, you need to identify what you know and what you don’t know. Map Your Gap is a free self-assessment that will provide you with a baseline for advancement.

It's All About the Bottom Line

Team leaders can’t take their eye off delivering profitability and value to the organization. More than ever, it’s critical for FM teams to increase efficiency, deliver innovative solutions, and help meet strategic business goals.

On-Demand Webinar: Making ProFM Your Competitive Advantage

Give Your Team the Knowledge & Skills They Need

Team Assessment: Map Your Gaps

Having a team of highly skilled and motivated facility managers working toward your strategic goals can make all the difference. Watch this webinar to hear how Extra Space Storage uses ProFM training to increase capabilities, confidence and credibility to deliver short- and long-term value for the company.

Your team members come from diverse work backgrounds. Building a common language and knowledge foundation across your team improves productivity and communication.

Benchmark your team’s knowledge and skills and identify training priorities to align with your organization’s goals with Map Your Gap: Teams Edition.