Instructor-Led Courses

Reach Your ProFM Goal with the Support of an Expert Instructor.

Offered by Global Education Partners, instructor-led courses teach the ProFMTM Credential Program in an in-person or online classroom format.

Check out our Instructor-Led Course starting August 3 in Minneapolis, MN.

An Instructor-Led Courses May be Your Perfect Fit if You:

  • Learn best in a structured setting with the support of an expert instructor and discussion with your peers.
  • Require a set schedule and encouragement to keep you on track with your studies.
  • Want to take advantage of company/employee tuition reimbursement programs.
  • Wish to expand your professional network and share industry best practices.

Instructor-Led Course Overview

Includes: In-person or online instruction, online reading materials (printed versions also available), online study tools and online final assessment

Online Access Period: 12 months

Cost: Contact preferred education partner for registration fees

What’s Included in an Instructor-Led Course?


  • Structured course syllabus: Your ProFM-credentialed instructor will guide you through a set syllabus and assignments to ensure you stay on track to complete your ProFM credential.
  • Online or in-person classroom format: Courses are available in either the traditional in-person classroom format or online format.
  • Instructor guidance: Your expert instructor will use class time to highlight important topics, share FM insights, and discuss questions.
  • Class discussions: Discuss topics and share experiences with other ProFM candidates across a variety of industries.

Interested in Becoming a ProFM Credential Program Instructor?

Interested in Becoming a Partner and Offering ProFM Credential Program Courses?



Mobile-optimized online study tools, available for 12 months, will help you develop a personalized study plan, apply and test your comprehension of the ProFM Body of Knowledge topics.

  • Pre-test – Evaluate your initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness
  • SmartStudy – Build a customized study plan using your pre-test results to target your most challenging topics and optimize your preparation time
  • Section quizzes – After reading each section, test your comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts
  • Flashcards – Review key facility management terms and definitions
  • Progress Report – Track your activities and scores
  • Resource Center – Access additional FM resources, feedback links and more
  • Online Access Period – 12 months from date of purchase


  • Two-part online final assessment:
    • Part 1: Knowledge Exam – Designed to measure your breadth of knowledge in the FM profession, based on the 19 functional knowledge areas and five (5) cross-functional competencies of the ProFM Body of Knowledge.
      • 75 multiple-choice questions
      • 90 minute time limit
    • Part 2: Application Exam – Designed to test your ability to apply your skills to real-world scenarios that you may encounter in your work. Questions focus on reviewing and critically analyzing different situations to best apply the ProFM knowledge and competencies.
      • 50 multiple-choice questions
      • 90 minute time limit
  • Complete on your own device, at a convenient time and place
  • Assessment may be repeated at no additional fee until you pass with a score of 70% or higher (within your 12 month access period)
  • Submit your final results online to receive your official certificate