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Your Role in Defending Facility Systems from Cyber Attacks

With increased reliance on digital technologies to run buildings and monitor systems, there is an increased possibility of disruption through cyber-attacks. Watch this free 30-minute webinar hosted by Maureen Roskoski, CFM, SFP, ProFM, ISO 22301 Lead Auditor, as she discusses these topics and more:

  • The facilities role in cybersecurity
  • What you need to know about cybersecurity
  • New competencies in the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA)
  • Resources to help you defend your facilities from cyber attacks
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Meet Our Host

Maureen Roskoski, CFM, SFP, ProFM, ISO 22301 Lead Auditor
Senior Professional, Facilities Engineering Associates

Maureen Roskoski is the Corporate Sustainability Officer and a Senior Professional at FEA. She has worked with existing facilities on building certification, energy management, and sustainable facility management during her 20 years of practice. We are thrilled to have Maureen as a ProFM credential instructor, and she also teaches BOC and SFP. Maureen leads FEA’s contract with GSA for support of the US Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA), she developed the competency model and career map for facilities and energy workforce and she managed the overall effort for FEA’s ISO 22301 certification in Business Continuity Management Systems.