Your Role in Defending Facility Systems from Cyber Attacks

Recorded: May 13, 2020
Length: 32:25

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Maureen Roskoski

CFM, SFP, ProFM, ISO 22301 Lead Auditor

Senior Professional
Facility Engineering Associates
[email protected]

Webinar Q&A:

Q: Does the Energy Manager get involved in the Data protection level of the IT system or just to some software panel that prevent the access to the system input/output? What kind of panel is available/provided for the Energy Manager?

A: The data protection levels are usually set by IT and the Energy Manager works within the organization’s IT guidelines.

Q: I do not work for a government agency, but think there might be a big benefit for me to fill my cybersecurity knowledge gap for my role as FM for my company. Is there an educational platform / program that will help guide me in filling this gap?

A: If you download the webinar slides above, you can click through to many of the resources to fill some of your knowledge gaps. The ProFM Credential Program also teaches cybersecurity as part of the Risk Management knowledge area. Outside of that, most cybersecurity training programs are IT focused so unfortunately, there are very few for FMs.

Q: What is a CMMS provider's role in cybersecurity? What can FMs ask of their CMMS provider?

A: Talk to your CCMS provider about their security protocols and how they’ve thought through the risks. For the facility manager, it’s more about how you implement access. There are some simple things we can do to protect access and having a conversation is a great starting point.

Q: Are the FBPTA tools available to people outside the federal government?

A: Yes, the FBPTA competency model and the tools highlighted in the webinar, Accelerate FM and FedSat, are free tools available to everyone.

Q: How can I justify and investment in ProFM with my boss? Is cybersecurity included in the program?

A: We have created an “Approach Your Boss Toolkit” to help you make the case for an investment in ProFM. ProFM is quite unique in that it does include cybersecurity training as part of the Risk Management knowledge area. Most other FM education programs do not cover the topic.

Q: Do you have any tips for auditing our existing cybersecurity systems for finding potential risk areas?

A: There are a number of resource links throughout the presentation. CISA offers great resources at

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