Broaden Your FM Expertise with the ProFM Credential

AFE has selected ProFM to provide its members with the most comprehensive and up-to-date FM training.

ProFM teaches the 24 things every facility professional should know. From asset management, to risk management, operations & maintenance, and business management, the ProFM credential gives you the knowledge and tools you need,
and the recognition you deserve.

Earn the ProFM Credential Where & When It's Convenient for You

ProFM’s Self-Study program allows you to prepare and earn the ProFM credential anytime, anywhere with online reading materials, interactive online study tools, and the online ProFM final assessment. You have the freedom to structure your credential goals around your busy or unpredictable schedule.


ProFM Credential Program Tools

The ProFM Credential Program is an all-in-one program that includes everything you need to broaden your facility management knowledge and skills, prove your competency, and earn the ProFM credential. This program includes reading materials, online study tools and the ProFM final assessment.

What to Expect


Study Materials

Access the all-in-one ProFM Credential Program, combining online reading materials, study tools, and the ProFM final assessment.


Study On
Your Own

Work around your schedule only. Pick up your studies where and when you have time – at work, at home, or in-between.



It should take about 55-60 hours for you to complete the reading materials and online study tools and become a ProFM.



Start with a pre-test to measure your current knowledge, then create and follow your personalized SmartStudy Plan.