As someone wanting a new career path in multiple areas, the ProFM Credential Program really stood out. I decided to go BIG from the start and get my credentials.

Richard Cabral, ProFM
Stefanie Driscoll, ProFM, Ferrandino & Son

Sarah Mitchell, ProFM, Key FM

ProFM offered a broad education on facility management ranging through 19 different categories, but united by 5 consistent themes throughout that tied everything together. The program took a different approach to FM that expanded my thought processes in dealing with short-term and long-term issues.

Bill Conley, ProFM, Yamaha Motor Corporation

Because the ProFM program is all encompassing and comprehensive, the knowledge that I have gained will make my day-to-day career responsibilities much easier to fulfill. Whether dealing with emergency maintenance issues or motivating team members, earning this credential has made it easier to deal with almost any facility related issues I face.

George F. Smith, III, ProFM, Cushman & Wakefield

The knowledge I gained from the ProFM program gives me the confidence to know I can provide the best facility management experience for all involved and keeps me up to speed with the fast-changing facility management setting.

Facility Management Certificate - Lisa Trayter, ProFM
Lisa Trayter, ProFM

I completed the ProFM Credential Program after I retired and wish it was available 20 years ago. I completed all the IFMA programs, FMP, SFP, FM Learning System and CFM years ago. ProFM has it all bundled in one.

Leo Somma, ProFM, CFM, FMP, SFP, Brookhaven National Laboratory

I earned the ProFM credential to help shape and expand my FM knowledge base beyond the mechanical trades. What I’ve learned through the program will help me remove myself from the daily tasks and look at the department as a whole. ProFM opens your mind to all facets of the FM profession, from the building of a facility to the response to an emergency. Many other programs will touch on a variety of topics but exclude others. This program does well with informing FM professionals on every topic they may encounter.

Nick Clark, ProFM, Pennsylvania Department of General Services

ProFM has equipped me to better understand my strong points and fortify my weaknesses. Having and maintaining the ProFM designation will keep me relevant and up to speed with the ever-changing FM landscape. And it will facilitate continued success of our FM organization to maintain alignment with our association’s collective mission.

David Schmidt, ProFM

FMs can only dedicate a limited amount of time and funding to training and credentials. ProFM covers all the subject matter of up to 10 other FM credentials combined.

Facility Management Certificate - John Hajduk, ProFM
John Hajduk, ProFM, Sodexo