The knowledge I have gained through the ProFM program has already helped in my day-to-day responsibilities. When we are forecasting the future and looking to spend millions in capital improvements, I now have a deeper understanding of what the C-suite leadership is looking at and what they expect of me.

Robert Reardon, Jr., ProFM, Facilities Operations Supervisor, Kendal at Hanover

I went into a major demolition, construction and renovation project meeting the day after obtaining my ProFM credential. I could already tell the difference in my confidence level, and my ability to speak with others on the project team and ask meaningful questions. Because of this, I also felt that the rest of the team had greater confidence in my ability to lead this major project.

Ann Pierce, ProFM, Texas DMV

As a young woman in FM, the ProFM credential will help me signal to the FM community that I am committed to my personal growth and the growth of the FM industry as a whole. By elevating my knowledge base, I will be able to add value to conversations with my peers. 

Krystal Vasquez, CRFP, Customer Integration & Support Manager

Coming from a background in operations, I had leadership skills but a gap in technical FM knowledge. I earned the ProFM credential to build my knowledge, confidence and competence in FM.

Tim Wolfenden, ProFM, Director, Facility Services – West, Extra Space Storage

While not every topic covered may be pertinent to every learner, and you may never have to deal with certain information or situations, you walk away with an understanding of what’s important to our industry and come away with a greater respect for our industry and the work we do. It’s more than turning wrenches or processing work orders.

JD Wilcox, MBA, RFMP, ProFM, Vice President, Strategic Development, Lane Valente Industries

Good overall content for any FM, whether starting their career or well into their career…the information and concepts are current, detailed and well presented.  The program package itself will serve as an excellent collection of  FM reference material, for many years to come.

Scot Richardson, ProFM, CFM, Regional Facilities Manager, CBRE Ontario Canada

I like how ProFMI broke out the information for learning. The program provided a good, well-rounded credential that touches on everything an FM needs to know without being too overwhelming.

Carolyn McGary, ProFM, Electronic Metrology Laboratory, LLC

I recommend that all FM professionals earn the ProFM credential because of the robust nature of the training and the standard it sets. ProFM helps expose one’s strengths or weaknesses and test your understanding of what has been taught and its application in real-life scenarios.

Enyinnaya Omereonye, ProFM

My ProFM credential will improve the results and quality of services we will render to clients as ProFM knowledge will always be demonstrated.

Olaide Akinwale, ProFM, Operations Manager, Global PFI

For quite some time, I felt that my role was developed through a series of events, and I had mostly built it up by taking on all the broken and unwanted tasks that didn’t fit into other roles or departments. After going through this program, I have a better understanding of what the role can look like, and how all the pieces fit together.

Lee-Ann Tiede, ProFM, Administrative Operations Manager, QHR Technologies