No Matter What Your Priority is for 2023, ProFM Can Help!

It’s time to look ahead to what you, your team and your organization want to accomplish in 2023. What are your priorities? Whether it’s filling open positions and upskilling your team,  preparing for future challenges and opportunities, or helping your organization maximize profitability, ProFM can ensure you’re ready to proceed with confidence.

Filling Open FM Positions

Did you know that 66% of FM staff considered leaving their position last year? Employers are struggling to attract and retain top talent to help meet their organization’s strategic goals. If you can’t hire FMs with the skills you need, training can help you turn your trusted, high potential staff into qualified candidates and future leaders. Check out these resources to learn how other organizations are dealing with team skill gaps.

Survey Says! Training = Employee Retention

Research: Addressing the FM Skills Gap

Inspiring Students to Solve the FM Talent Gap

Eileen McMorrow, Editor of The McMorrow Reports and FMLink, joins the FM Evolution podcast to talk about how training can impact employee retention. In fact, it’s the second biggest influencer after pay and benefits!

More employers are formalizing their FM knowledge and skill requirements in order to identify gaps. Gaining the full set of FM skills can take an entire career if left to on-the-job learning. See what training employers and staff identify as priorities.

We’ve been talking about retirement gaps for over a decade, but finding a solution hasn’t been easy. Jim Zirbel from FM Pipeline shares his vision and actions for inspiring students from highschool and beyond to pursue a career in facility management in this episode of the FM Evolution podcast.

Preparing for FM Challenges

It’s your job to focus on the health, safety, and comfort of building occupants, but you can’t let your career goals fall to the bottom of your priority list. What knowledge and skills do you need to build your confidence and prepare for future FM challenges and opportunities?

Article: 4 Key Priorities Not to Overlook for 2023 Planning

The Gift of Effective Feedback

Free Assessment: Map Your Knowledge Gaps

Mark Bodenschatz, PE, ProFM, CSSP, Director, Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute shares his insights on the top 4 challenges for 2023 and how to approach them. Explore energy management, the talent shortage, responsible FM, and cybersecurity.

Providing feedback is a critical skill everyone should learn. In this podcast, Stormy Friday, founder of The Friday Group and Chair of the ProFMI Commission, provides practical advice and examples on how to give positive and negative feedback the right way.

Before you seek training, you need to identify what you know and what you don’t know. Map Your Gap is a free self-assessment that will provide you with a baseline for advancement.

It's All About the Bottom Line

Team leaders can’t take their eye off delivering profitability and value to the organization. More than ever, it’s critical for FM teams to increase efficiency, deliver innovative solutions, and help meet strategic business goals.

ROI of FM Training: 6 Critical Impacts

On-Demand Webinar: Making ProFM Your Competitive Advantage

Team Assessment: Map Your Gaps

How can you measure the return on training? That depends on your performance goals, from financial efficiencies to team confidence, capability, and morale.

Having a team of highly skilled and motivated facility managers working toward your strategic goals can make all the difference. Watch this webinar to hear how Extra Space Storage uses ProFM training to increase capabilities, confidence and credibility to deliver short- and long-term value for the company.

Benchmark your team’s knowledge and skills and identify training priorities to align with your organization’s goals with Map Your Gap: Teams Edition.