The Gift of Effective Feedback

The incredible Stormy Friday, founder of The Friday Group and Chair of the ProFMI Commission, joins this month’s FM Evolution Podcast to talk about all aspects of feedback. Why is it important? When should it be delivered? What could go wrong? How do you do it the right way? This is a great listen for…

The ROI of FM Training: 6 Critical Impacts of Training & Upskilling

Employers across the globe are facing similar challenges as it relates to their FM workforce. How can you recruit new team members and what if they’re new to FM? What are the best strategies for retaining current team members? How can you elevate your FM teams with enhanced FM knowledge and skills? See current research and real-world examples to illustrate the ROI of FM Training.

Survey Says! Training = Employee Retention

It’s always great to get your hands on up-to-date, relevant research that can help us make decisions that better our facilities, our teams, and our organizations. This episode, we’re thrilled to have Eileen McMorrow from The McMorrow Reports and FMLink with us. She’s here to talk about the 2022 FM Training Outlook Survey results.