Building Your FM Strategy Around Customer Service

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What's Covered

Customer service is one of those topics that can fall through the cracks in FM organizations. We get busy with daily operations and forget how important customer service is to our organization’s success.

Join Stormy Friday to learn what it takes to ensure you have a viable Customer Service program. You’ll learn:

    • How to identify the value of customer service
    • Determining customer expectations for FM service
    • Creating a customer service program
    • Evaluating customer service performance and taking corrective action

Meet Our Expert

Stormy Friday, MPA, Hon. FMA, IFMA Fellow, President ,The Friday Group

Stormy Friday, MPA, Hon. FMA, IFMA Fellow, President ,The Friday Group

Stormy Friday is an internationally recognized speaker in facility management. She has visited over thirty countries to consult, train and speak on FM trends; organization development; productivity and motivation; marketing and customer service; strategic planning and outsourcing alternatives. She co-authored a book entitled Quality Facility Management: A Marketing and Customer Service Approach (Wiley) and authored Organization Development for Facility Managers: Tracing the DNA of FM Organizations (AMACOM; Dog Ear Press). She has served on the IFMA Board of Directors and the BOMI International Board of Trustees and she is currently the Chair of the ProFMI Commission.