Minding the Gap: Ensuring Facility Professionals Are Ready for the Future

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What's Covered

Facility managers have been critical to maintaining operations and re-opening facilities throughout the pandemic. Increasingly, they’re being asked to contribute to the organization’s strategic discussions. But not all FMs are prepared for the spotlight.

Changes within the Facility Management profession are creating a need for both inexperienced and seasoned Facility Managers to master a new set of knowledge and skills. ProFM, an independent training and credentialing program created by FMs, for FMs, can help meet that need.

Our whitepaper takes an in-depth look at critical FM topics and more such as:

  • Combining technology, people & business
  • Attracting & shaping new FMs
  • ProFM, a solution for FM training & development which unites professionals to prepare for the future
  • Defining & filling the knowledge gaps
  • Expanding FM education through credentials