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FM, your self-assessment is complete!

These results will give you a summary of your self-assessed experience and confidence across the four key knowledge areas and the five cross-functional competencies as outlined in the ProFM Body of Knowledge. Areas in which you have significant experience and a high level of confidence are marked by GREEN. Areas in which you have some experience and a moderate level of confidence are marked by GOLD. Areas in which you have little experience and minimal level of confidence, and therefore have the most opportunity to build knowledge and skills, are marked in RED.


No Value Selected

No Value Selected

No Value Selected  Project Management

No Value Selected  Strategic Planning

No Value Selected  Capital Planning

No Value Selected  Construction


No Value Selected

No Value Selected

No Value Selected  Compliance & Standards

No Value Selected  Environmental Health & Safety

No Value Selected  Security

No Value Selected  Emergency Management


No Value Selected

No Value Selected

No Value Selected  Technical Services

No Value Selected  Occupant Services

No Value Selected  Work Management

No Value Selected  Utility Management

No Value Selected  Space Management


No Value Selected

No Value Selected

No Value Selected  Human Capital

No Value Selected  Leadership Skills

No Value Selected  Financial Management

No Value Selected  Contract Management

No Value Selected  Procurement

No Value Selected  Real Estate


No Value Selected

No Value Selected

No Value Selected  Communication

No Value Selected  Sustainability

No Value Selected  Quality

No Value Selected  Innovation

No Value Selected  Collaboration

Your Final Report

Overall Skill Assessment: No Value Selected

No Value Selected

Bridge Your Gaps with the ProFM Credential Program

FM, now that your self-assessment is complete, you can bridge your gaps and earn the ProFMTM credential with the ProFM Credential Program. This all-inclusive training and credential program includes everything you need, and it’s available in three learning options. Pick the option that best matches your learning style and schedule.  Visit for more information.

The ProFM Credential Program™

Developed with convenience and easy access in mind, the ProFM Credential Program includes everything you need to build your FM knowledge and skills, prove your competency, and earn the ProFM credential.

Reading Materials, available online via an embedded e-reader, teach the entire ProFM Body of Knowledge. Printed versions of the reading materials are also available.

Reading materials

Online Study Tools help to identify your knowledge gaps, build a study plan, and reinforce topics through quizzes and flashcards.

Online Final Assessment, available 24/7, determines if your knowledge and skills meet the ProFM standard. Pass the assessment to earn the ProFM credential.

ProFM: Three Ways to Learn – It’s Your Choice.

Whether you like to study on your own, in a group, or with help from an experienced instructor, there’s a ProFM learning option to suit your needs. All learning options include the ProFM Credential Program reading materials and online study tools.

Self-Study Program: Earn the ProFM at your own pace, where and when it’s convenient, with reading materials, online study tools and the final assessment.

Instructor-Led Courses: Enjoy guidance of an experienced FM instructor, peer discussion, reading materials, online study tools and the final assessment.

Corporate/Group Training: Have a group of two or more? We will help you create a customized training program for local or geographically dispersed teams.

Have Questions FM? We Can Help!

Contact our ProFM Customer Care team.

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