Increase your FM team's confidence,
capability & credibility

Your FM team is made up of individuals, each with a unique background and skill set. Give them the broad FM knowledge they need to manage facilities with confidence and build credibility with customers and stakeholders.

So where do you start?

The gap is real.
say there is a gap between the FM skills and knowledge their teams require and what they currently possess.
feel that they need more FM knowledge and skills to advance further in their profession/organization.

So, what skills do strong FM teams need?

Facility managers need a broad understanding of properties, incorporating technical skills and business acumen. The ProFM Body of Knowledge defines the 24 knowledge areas and competencies required, based on a global study of 3300 professionals across 93 countries and incorporating the ISO 41000 series of FM standards. Give your team the most up-to-date, complete FM knowledge with ProFM.

Facility Management Certificate Training-ProFM Body of Knowledge-Everything an FM Should Know
Facility Management Certificate - Map Your Facility Management Gaps

Where are my team's gaps?

Discover how you and your team’s FM knowledge compares to the ProFM standard. Try our Map Your Gap self-assessment and receive a FREE REPORT showing your areas of strength and your opportunities to grow.

Interested in conducting a Map Your Gap assessment for your entire team? Click here to request a custom Map Your Gap Teams assessment link.

How can you fill in your team’s FM gaps?

The ProFM Credential Program includes everything you need to build your FM knowledge and skills, prove your competency, and earn the ProFM credential. The all-in-one program teaches and tests the entire ProFM Body of Knowledge. ​

Get more details.​


Reading Materials


Study Tools


Final Assessment

Choose the perfect study fit for each member on your team, based on needs for scheduling, budget, instructor support and location.

Facility Management Certificate - ProFM Credential Program Self-Study Training

Self-Study Program

Busy schedule? Earn the ProFM at your own pace, where and when it’s convenient, with reading materials, online study tools and the final assessment.

Facility Management Certificate - ProFM Credential Program Coached Self-Study Training

Coached Self-Study

Enjoy Self-Study flexibility while providing the structured support and accountability of seven 1-hour online sessions led by a ProFM-credentialed expert instructor.

Facility Management Certificate - ProFM Credential Program Coached Team Training

Team Training

Have a group of two or more? We will help you create a customized training program. Contact Beth Fasching at +1.651.905.2608 or [email protected].

Not sure which ProFM Credential Program course option is right for you?

Answer a few questions, and we’ll give you a recommendation.

What’s in it for your organization?

Shared Knowledge

Ensure your whole team has the same solid foundation of FM knowledge and skills they need to succeed.


Gain the recognition your team deserves, and prove to the C-Suite and clients that you’ve attained the global standard in FM.


Increase on-the-job confidence and performance, even as FM expands beyond traditional roles.

Career Growth

ProFM delivers today’s best practices across the broad range of FM tasks helping all FMs prepare for the next phase of their careers.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Ask these Connex ProFMs.


Krystal Vasquez, CRFP

Customer Integration & Support Manager
Chain Store Maintenance, Inc.

As a young woman in FM, the ProFM credential will help me signal to the FM community that I am committed to my personal growth and the growth of the FM industry as a whole. By elevating my knowledge base, I will be able to add value to conversations with my peers.

Connex Member Since: XXXX

Years in FM: XXXX

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Tim Wolfenden, ProFM

Director, Facility Services – West
Extra Space Storage

Coming from a background in operations, I had leadership skills but a gap in technical FM knowledge. I earned the ProFM credential to build my knowledge, confidence and competence in FM.

Connex Member Since: XXXX

Years in FM: XXXX

JD Wilcox Website

J.D. Wilcox, MBA, RFMP, ProFM

Vice President, Strategic Development
Lane Valente Industries, Inc.

While not every topic covered may be pertinent to every learner, and you may never have to deal with certain information or situations, you walk away with an understanding of what’s important to our industry and come away with a greater respect for our industry and the work we do. It’s more than turning wrenches or processing work orders.

Connex Member Since: XXXX

Years in FM: XXXX

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait to be GREAT!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I’m a supplier, why would I need this?

A: ProFM training and the credential can help provide immediate impact for anyone who works within or in conjunction with the facility management industry. Stefanie Driscoll, VP of Client Relations at Ferrandino & Son Inc. (Connex member and FM services supplier) said her team found the most value in expanding their understanding of FM knowledge and skills to better understand what their FM customers need and how to better meet those needs. You can hear more about how suppliers can benefit from FM training in this recent episode of the FM Evolution Podcast featuring Connex Members from Ferrandino & Son Inc.

Q: What makes the ProFM credential different than the RFMP or CRFP? Why would I need ProFM too?

A: ProFM is the most significant project in years focused on supporting the FM profession, and the success and upward career mobility of facility professionals. Today’s facility professionals need to be equipped with broad spectrum FM knowledge and strategic business skills. There is no other credential that currently meets that need. ProFM is: 

  • Comprehensive: The ProFM Body of Knowledge includes 19 functional areas and five cross-functional competencies that have never before been combined together into one complete program. 
  • Applicable: ProFM focuses not only on enhancing your knowledge, but also building practical application skills. 
  • Global: ProFM’s Body of Knowledge reflects the globalization of the FM industry from the incorporation of global FM ISO standards, the perspective of international ProFMI Commission members, and input from facility professionals in 93 countries. 
  • Relevant/Current: The ProFM Body of Knowledge, developed in 2017, is the most current and relevant standard for facility professionals. It goes beyond the traditional definition of FM to reflect the knowledge and skills required of today’s facility professionals. 
  • Independent: ProFM was built by the ProFMI Commission, an independent and voluntary group of respected Facility Management industry leaders, experts, and practitioners who have come together with the common goal of elevating and uniting the FM profession. 

Q: How can I sell this to my boss?

A: ProFMI has created a Convince Your Boss Toolkit to help you illustrate and highlight the benefits of ProFM education and credentialing for your organization. You can download and customize the toolkit here. 

Q: How do I get the Connex Discount?

A: All Connex members receive 10% off the ProFM Credential Program. To receive your exclusive member discount, visit our Connex ProFM store and use code CONNEX10 at checkout. Visit the store here.

Q: I’m not good with self-study, do you have other ways I can take the course?

A: Absolutely! ProFM training is offered in a few different ways, other than self-study: 

  • Coached Self-StudyEnjoy Self-Study flexibility while providing the structured support and accountability of seven 1-hour online sessions led by a ProFM-credentialed expert instructor.
  • Instructor-Led: Take advantage of structured, in-depth courses offered by Global Education Partners while networking with other FMs.
  • Group Team Training: Have a group of two or more? We will help you create a customized training program. Contact Beth Fasching at +1.651.905.2608 or [email protected]

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: We have teamed up with PayPal Credit to allow qualified individuals to pay for the ProFM Credential Program over 6 months, interest free. At this time, PayPal Credit is only available to U.S. residents.

Visit for complete details and steps to order.

Q: Do you have to renew the credential? If yes, how?

A: To ensure that your knowledge is kept relevant and up-to-date, you will be required to renew your ProFM credential every three years.

  • You must earn a minimum of 45 contact hours of continuing education related to the FM
    profession or “renewal credits” for each renewal cycle.
  • Renewal credits will be awarded for FM professional development related to the individual,
    the organization, and/or the profession.
  • A small renewal fee of US$99 will be applicable every 3 years.
  • A predetermined percentage of credential holders will be audited annually.

Visit for complete details.

Q: How long will it take to earn the ProFM credential?

A: The length of time it takes to earn the credential will depend on your chosen study method, your level of experience, how quickly you read, and other factors. However, we estimate that most candidates can complete the online training and assessments within 55-60 total hours.

Q: We have a team, what are the volume discounts?

A: Significant savings of $370 or more start with groups of 2+. Pricing based on group size and delivery option. Contact Beth Fasching at +1.651.905.2608 or [email protected] for government and non-profit pricing. 

Q: How does this compare to IFMA?

A: ProFM has a number of significant differences from IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential.

  • The FMP teaches four of IFMA’s eleven FM topic areas. ProFM teaches all 24 knowledge areas and cross-functional competencies required of FM professionals included in the ProFM Body of Knowledge.
  • ProFM is designed to fill the knowledge gaps of FM professionals at all career stages, providing exposure to the full spectrum of FM topics and business strategies that you may not have been exposed to through your work experience.
  • The ProFM Body of Knowledge was created in 2017 and reflects the most current requirements of FM professionals. The ProFM will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it covers emerging trends and best practices.
  • ProFM has a 3-year term of validity. The  credential maintenance requirements  are designed to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date through practical and convenient professional development activities.

Additionally, ProFMI know and respect the value of the CFM certification, which is why the ProFM is not positioned to compete with it. Rather, it has been established to elevate the FM industry as a whole. Furthermore, the ProFM and CFM credentials are different in very significant ways:

  • The ProFM credential is a knowledge-based designation, focused on building knowledge and skills. IFMA’s CFM is an experience-based certification, designed to validate knowledge and experience by passing the proctored CFM exam.
  • ProFM is created as a universal credential, not only in its global reach and content, but also in its applicability to FMs at any point in their career.
  • The ProFM Body of Knowledge, created in 2017 with input from over 3,300 professionals in 93 countries, covers 19 FM knowledge areas and 5 cross-functional competencies. The CFM exam is based on IFMA’s 11 core competencies.

The ProFM Institute conducted extensive research as we explored the potential for this credential, and found that of the 3.2 million FM professionals in the United States, less than two percent hold an FM credential. That tells us the market is currently under-served, both here and around the world. We want to help change that.

The FM industry includes many practitioners who are unaffiliated with a specific association, but still want to enhance their capabilities. We’re confident that the ProFM designation is that tool, allowing facility professionals to advance their careers and the important industry they serve.

Q: Are employers embracing the ProFM credential? How can employers benefit from ProFM?

A: Yes, ProFM was developed to meet the needs of FM professionals and employers. A number of well-known and well-respected FM employers from around the world contributed to the development of ProFM. In fact, our ProFM research study gathered input from professionals representing over 1,800 unique employers.

There are a number of reasons why employers have already committed their support to ProFM:

  • ProFM sets a global standard for the profession: By creating a globally accepted standard for today’s evolved profession, employers can confidently evaluate their staff against these standards and provide training to fill knowledge and skill gaps with ProFM.
  • ProFM offers employers a way to evaluate and train staff: ProFM offers broad FM training and business strategies while providing an independent verification of the knowledge and skills required of today’s facility professionals.
  • ProFM builds a broad spectrum of FM and business skills to fill retirement gaps: With the most senior facility professionals preparing to retire, there is a critical need for new and mid-career professionals to expand their skill set and prepare for leadership.
  • ProFM offers an independent market view of FM: ProFM was developed by facility professionals, for facility professionals. Respected FM thought leaders, employers, and working professionals came together to identify the knowledge and skills required of today’s facility professionals. We are committed to the advancement of the FM profession and its professionals.
  • ProFM will continue to represent evolving corporate needs: ProFM is developing a corporate advisory board to ensure the credential and training remain relevant and current to industry needs.

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