On World FM Day, we celebrate and recognize the often unsung heroes of the FM profession: You.

Today, we shine a spotlight on the millions facility professionals like you worldwide that work each day to ensure your organizations, buildings and the residents within them are successful, productive and safe. More and more, you’re being asked to go beyond traditional FM tasks to support the strategic goals of your organization, and we applaud the steps you’ve taken to keep up with the changing elements of the FM industry. We hope World FM Day 2018 brings you the recognition and thanks you’ve earned this year, and we look forward to an even brighter FM profession in 2019.

Global Perspectives on the Future of FM

Let’s take this opportunity to not only reflect on our achievements but also look ahead to the FM profession of tomorrow. Listen as global FM leaders across generations discuss the need for universal standards and training.

How Can We Help You and Your Team Meet Today’s Challenges?

You are helping to drive organizational success, so we’d like to help ensure you and your team have access to the most current and relevant FM knowledge and skills. Download the free resources below.

Global Standard for FM: ProFM Body of Knowledge.

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